S. F. Community Empowerment Center Culture 三藩市社區資源中心文化

Classroom Rules 課室規則 :

1.   No cross talk  不可打斷話題
2.   No put down   不可看輕別人
3.   Mutual respect 必須互相尊重

Volunteer Attitude 義工態度 :

1.  We learn   我們互相學者

2.  We share    我們互相分享

3.   We care    我們互相關懷

Basic Human Rules 人的基本規則:

1.   Be safe 安全            whatever you do, safety is number one

2. Be respectful 互相尊重     respect each other

3.   Be responsible 負責任      you are responsible for your own actions

4.   Be thankful 感激     everything (good or bad) happens for a reason

5.   Treat others like you want to be treated 你想別人對你好, 你要對別人好

We always look for volunteers who are dedicated to make changes for our society, to promote a better, healthier and happier society. Please contact Teresa for volunteer opportunity. We provide all the necessary training to help you to be
part of our volunteer team. Please contact Teresa 415-467-1929 or hotline 415-829-9550  *** 如果你想做義工, 歡迎您聯絡杜麗莎 415-467-1929