About Us 關於我們

Mission: Our mission is to empower and encourage people to find
supports from available resources.

About us: Our volunteers are from all walks of life. Many of the volunteers have been through your problems. We understand your needs. We will help you in any way we can within our limited resources. If we can’t have answers to your questions and issues, we will reach out for you. Please, don’t face your problems alone. If one door closes, another door will be opened. Contact us through our hotline 415-829-9550 or email: info@sfcec.org or call our agency during business hours at 415-467-1929 or just come in to our office at 2798 San Bruno Ave. SF, CA 94134.  You are not alone!

Services: Most of our services and activities are provided and supported by volunteers. Many of our services/activities either free or low fee.  We have no insurance to cover any of our services or activities. You access our services at your own risks.

Goal: Our goal is to build up a sense of community belonging with each other. We want to see an increase of community participation within our society. We want people to better understand their own position as a person, as a worker, as an immigrant and as a citizen. We educate people where and how to get help for themselves and people around them.  We believe healthy people create healthy communities.

Advocacy: We advocate for people’s basic needs and rights. We structure to provide support services and education to empower people to have self-control and self-empowerment. We help people to voice out their concerns. We provide needs assessment for overall environment in people’s surrounding such as home life, employment situation, neighborhood and communities. Then we provide education and help people to explore their options/solutions, so people can find healthy choices with appropriate support to exercise their options and rights. We believe knowledge is power. We believe justice for all.

Evaluation: We encourage participants and the community to give us
input and feedback to improve our services. If we don’t have the answer, we will
work hard to find one.

Agency background: San Francisco Community Empowerment and Support Group, Inc, has been serving clients in our community since 2005. A group of dedicated volunteers came together in 2005, using other community centers to run different functions to serve our society. We incorporated into a 501 (c) (3), a non-profit public and charitable purpose agency in January 2006. We did not have our own physical location until April 2011. Many thanks to our new leader Teresa Duque that she made the impossible become possible. Our first office opens at 2798 San Bruno Ave, in San Francisco, CA 94134 on May 14th, 2011. We are now serving our community in San Francisco as San Francisco Community Empowerment Center because we now have our own center. It is the same non-profit agency we started in 2005.

Donation: Your donation is very important for us to continue our free or low fee services to the community. To make a donation now, please fill download
our membership form
, print it, fill it out and mail it to us.  Your donation is tax deductible. Thank you for supporting our community.

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The above information is being repeated in Chinese. See below.

三藩市社區資源中心. 一班熱誠的義工早在2005年時已開始服務社區。從2005年至今年4月為止,我們此組織在不同的社區機構合作或運作。最主要的服務是社區生機一線免費為社區服務多年。好榮幸今年4月份在新社區主任杜麗沙女士主持下,三藩市社區資源中心終於有個屬於自己的中心。在今年5月14日,三藩市社區資源中心在2798 San Bruno Ave 隆重開業。從2005年至今,我們屬同一非牟利機構.

三藩市社區資源中心 (SFCEC) www.sfcecc.org是一個非牟利社區資訊組織 (SFCESG).,但我們現在有個自己的中心,你可以上本中心網址查詢更多資料。我們都是一班義工和志願者為你提供服務.  如果你想做義工, 歡迎您聯絡:   415-467-1929 or 415-829-9550. 所有資訊和翻譯以英文為準.

宗旨: 我們非常鼓勵有困難需要的人往外尋找支援及幫助.

目標: 我們相信每個人都擁有生存價值及權利, 而社會群體是靠互強互助而 互相影響, 有健康的群體才可以創造出健康的社區, 無論你有什麼困難, 我們都會盡力為你提供有關資訊服務.

服務範圍: 各種社區資訊, 勞工權益, 移民權利, 公民權利, 父母子女教育課程, 文化交流, 顧問翻譯, 入籍問題, 英語輔導, 職業訓練介紹, 日常生活問題和各種社會福利 資訊, 適合新移民及低收入人士資詢.

費用來源: 我們全部資訊服務和費用都是低收費和義工提供及贊助. 我們所有的社區服務是沒有保險保障的.

義工服務: 如欲加入我們的中心當義工, 可電郵或致電予中心聯絡.

三藩市社區資源中心(SFCEC)是一個非牟利的社區組織。建立目的是希望增進社區每一分子的歸屬感,更希望看見每一分子增加社區的參予和關心. 我們的主要服務包括社區諮訊查詢,健康常識,社區問題和預防犯罪的教育計劃。我們提供的服務包括:信息/轉介,諮詢,翻譯,宣傳,人權 /責任,公民班,社交舞蹈班, 英語作為第二語言課程,健康教育/研討會,如減肥,戒煙,戒賭,如何得到更健康的人生,及如何適應生活方式的變化,親子教育,職業培訓,個別輔導服務等等,我們還提供室內/戶外活動。我們是以社區合作為基礎的組織,因應社區的要求和需要, 而提供持續性的服務。當你們及你們身邊的朋友需要幫助時,我們會教導你們如何正確地覓得援助。我們深信健康的人生會帶出健康的社區。你可以參閱我們的網站  www.sfcec.org  或 致電給我們 415-467-1929  或  電郵info@sfcec.org   或 親臨我們的中心,地址 2798 San Bruno Ave./Wayland,  San Francisco, CA 94134

意見: 若有任何寶貴的建議, 可隨時歡迎提. 電郵 info@sfcec.org

Copyrighted, reproduction of materials or redistribution of pictures from www.sfcec.org without permission is prohibited. 版權保護,未經允許,嚴禁複製 資料或圖片.