Wanted Dance Teachers需要舞蹈老師

We are currently looking for volunteers to teach our Dance class.

This is a non paid position. SFCEC is operated by volunteers. No
paid employees. Our volunteer team believes in giving back to our society is
best gift that we can give to our friends and neighbors. We provide all the
training until you are able to teach on your own. As volunteers, we learn, we
share and we care. We have a lot of fun together. Ballroom Dance Lessons社交舞蹈班 included:

  • 快四步            Quarter Turn
  • 慢四步            Quarter Turn
  • 喳喳                Cha Cha
  • 探戈                 Tango
  • 華爾茲            Waltz                                                                                          狐步                Foxtrot

Please email your questions at info@sfcec.org or call 415-467-1929.
We look foward to serve our community with you.