11/01/2017 Whole month protest no to Cannabis 整個月反对大麻入侵社区

Cannabis is bad for healthy people 反对大麻入侵社区

Note:  Cannabis is an illegal drug defined by the federal drug administration, no growth, no sell and no smoking. Cannabis business: No loan, no bank account, no insurance will cover. No insurance covers any property owner’s damage. Federal agents can come any time to arrest illegal cannabis activities. Per CNN news, October 2017, CA North Bay fire destroyed cannabis 34 farms, fundraising website was shut down, illegal to do fundraising to help fire victims who grew cannabis. 10/28/2017 Channel five evening news, reported more than 2000 cannabis farms in CA being trashed by the federal agents. Illegal activities will continue to cause burden in our public services and burden to our health cae system.

This message is supported and sponsored by many local residents from 11 districts throughout San Francisco. This letter also supported by local children, youth, families, merchants and residents impacted within 300 feet, 600 feet and 1000 feet near cannabis stores, such as 2442 Bayshore Blvd., 5 Leland Ave. 3015 San Bruno Ave, 2505 Noriega St., 2161 Irving St.