11/08/2017 RALLY Against Illegal Activities 向聯邦政府尋求幫助–反对大麻入侵社区

Dear neighbors,

You are invited to join our community, our voice RALLY against illegal activities (1) near children, youth and families. Prop 64 does not force minors to watch!

As you may know, there are almost 50 cannabis (2) stores in San Francisco. The politicians want to continue to open more cannabis stores in each neighborhood throughout the City of San Francisco, against residents’ wills, violated children’s rights, violated neighbors’ peace and force healthy people to watch illegal activities! Local residents near approved cannabis stores being force to accept!
Every resident deserves to live a happy, healthy and safe life. Majority of local residents against cannabis stores continue to be approved to open near children centers, pre-school centers, day care centers, youth centers, youth recreational centers and residential areas. It is about time to say No means NO! Enough is enough! Illegal activities should not be supported by local government near any minors under 18 years old.

Come join your neighbors and voice your concerns! Support your neighbor’s right to peace! Support our children, youth and families! Healthy families create healthy community! Healthy communities create healthier city (3)

Date: Wednesday, November 8th, 2017
Time: From 12noon to 1pm
Location: One Post Street, Near Market and New Montgomery
(Dianne Feinstein’s Federal Office, San Francisco Downtown)

1. Cannabis is an illegal drug defined by the federal, no growth, no sell and no smoking. Cannabis business: No loan, no bank account, no insurance will cover. Federal agents can come any time to arrest illegal cannabis activities. Local government representatives willfully supported illegal activities.
2. Per S.F. Department of Public health, cannabis stores currently open, pending and waiting to process.
3. This RALLY is supported and sponsored by local residents from 11 districts throughout San Francisco who are impacted within the 1000 feet to cannabis stores.