11/10/2017 No means NO Letter to Mayor and Board of Supervisors堅決反對在市內開辦更多大麻店

Open Letter and Press Release堅決反對在市內開辦更多大麻店

Friday, October 10th, 2017

Dear Mayor Ed Lee, All Board of Supervisors and Nicole Elliott,

On behalf of our healthy communities throughout 11 districts in San Francisco, we are writing to request the City and County of San Francisco (CCSF) government officials and representatives to re-assess the new proposed local recreation cannabis policies and regulations. There is no rush to finalize these laws and regulation for residents. HELP! OUR LOCAL RESIDENTS’ QUALITY LIFE HAS BEEN TAKING AWAY!

CCSF has about 900,000 residents, plus 200,000 transients coming and going. But our public services man power has not been increase to meet these demands to serve our public. We, the CCSF does Not having enough man power to respond our current problems with: 911 and related systems, police, public works, public health care services, etc. We have about 60 departments, about 30,000 active employees to serve both residents and travelers. We currently have lack of resources to respond to all the current complaints to 911 and police calls: homeless issues, drug problems, police enforcement, burden on public health services etc. , which may create unfair social justices to those who needed help. In addition, there are many law suits already filed to sue the CCSF. The local government has the duty to protect and promote every resident’s right to happy, healthy and safety.

In addition to the National Affairs article by Jonathan P.Caulkins ” The Real Dangers of Marijuana”, SF Health Department’s 2017 report ” Cannabis Legalization in San Francisco – A Health Impact Assessment”. (Dr. Tomas Aragon). In the great push to open up more and more MCDs in our City, project sponsors use their unlimited financial resources/ connections and hundreds of their supporters to City Hall hearings to convince our legislators to negate our voices. Here is additional information that San Francisco must not be overrun by MCDs —especially to prevent the negative impacts on our vulnerable young populations! (See attached file, a summary of this is a 19-page report).

Many of us voted for Prop 215 and Prop 64. We less than 50% voters does not represent all residents. Local residents have the right to participant in this new recreational cannabis legislation process. We have immigrants can not vote. We have children and minors can not vote. Prop 215 or Prop 64 does not force minors to watch nor take away local residents’ quality life. Prop 215 or Prop 64 does not force neighbors to accept something is not residents’ cup of tea.  Prop 215 and Prop 64 are for better regulations! Those who needed can have safe access. Also for those who refused to smoke or use cannabis can continue to have their quality life. Where is justice for local children, youth, residents and families who live 24/7 near cannabis business? We have many cities in California already said no to recreational cannabis. Our current medical cannabis stores will be converted into recreational stores, we have more than 45 of these stores.

The politicians and government representatives who have the power to make decisions continue to force local residents to accept a federal drug administration regulated alternative drug into their daily life. The local government representatives continue to mis-representing good government practices, continue to support permits to open cannabis stores against local residents’ will, violated children’s rights and violated neighbors’ right to peace and happiness. Healthy people being forced to watch illegal activities (@1)!

See one of the many problems, “Excelsior Merchants Fume over Pot Clubs”, by Rachel Swan, 10/18/2017. This is only of the many snapshots, link:  httpsch://www.pressreader.com/usa/san-francisco-chronicle/20171018/281487866583724

Since January 1st, 2017 to present, our neighbors throughout 11 districts have been complaining unfair practices in public hearings regarding cannabis. Asian people have been treat like third world slaves. Many of our parents don’t get pay when we don’t work. We work hard to raise healthy families.

1.      Asian people label “boisterous vocal minority”
2.      Asian people are ignorance and idiots
3.      Asian people need to re-educate.
4.      Asian people like KKK.
5.      Asian people are hate groups.
Shame on S.F. Planning Commission and Shame on Those who said these!
We, Asian people accountable for many contribution in San Francisco, Bay Area, California and the United States. We are a model minority with compassion, love and good moral to protect our children, youth, families and generations to come. We are more than 35% population in S.F. We are more than 35% property owners in SF. We are productive!

We are now requesting again and again, same message:
1.      Keep 1000 feet buffer zone, away from children and minor under 18 years old.
2.      0 to 5 ages, pre-school and day care should be in the local laws. It is in State laws.
3.      No cannabis advertisement with 1000 feet of minors.
4.      No cannabis advertisement in public transportation, public owned and operated facilities such as hospitals, clinics, libraries, etc.
5.      Put in the laws, anyone who use cannabis at their own risk, CAN NOT sue the CITY AND COUNTY OF SAN FRANCISCO. The CCSF is NOT liable for any or all damage. (check your own CCSF attorney)
6.      PUT in the law, cannabis business is illegal according to the federal, any investment subject to federal agent searching, may involvement in arrest, detain and up to lose all and every capital of investment. Etc. (we are not the law writers, the CCSF has the obligation to protect all tax payers). We have the right to keep our public assets to provide services to needy population such as homeless, crime prevention, cannabis abuse prevention.).
7.      3 to 5% of revenue should be allocated for cannabis prevention to all 11 district with required six languages, to fully informed and educate the general public.
8.      New laws to enforce marijuana users who drive, should be detect before driving, like alcohol detective devices.
9.      Many other news Local and States, CCSF attorney obligate to protect CCSF assets. Federal laws are illegal.

This message is supported and sponsored by many local residents from 11 districts throughout San Francisco. This letter also supported by local children, youth, families, merchants and residents impacted within 300 feet, 600 feet and 1000 feet near cannabis stores. (2442 Bayshore Blvd., 5 Leland Ave. 3015 San Bruno Ave, 2505 Noriega St., 2161 Irving St.). We are also here request Mr. Mayor Ed Lee and appropriate law enforcement agents to investigate our residents complaints regarding potential corruption of the above locations and applicants. With 80% and 95% local residents strongly opposed, each application was approved. Shame on San Francisco! Our democracy system killed by potential corruption!

Note:  Cannabis is an illegal drug defined by the federal drug administration, no growth, no sell and no smoking. Cannabis business: No loan, no bank account, no insurance will cover. No insurance covers any property owner’s damage. Federal agents can come any time to arrest illegal cannabis activities. Per CNN news, October 2017, CA North Bay fire destroyed cannabis 34 farms, fundraising website was shut down, illegal to do fundraising to help fire victims who grew cannabis. 10/28/2017 Channel five evening news, reported more than 2000 cannabis farms in CA being trashed by the federal agents. Illegal activities will continue to cause burden in our public services and burden to our health cae system.

 We all in this Together! No means No! Money can NOT buy health!

For press contact: info@sfcec.org or Teresaduque@sfcec.org or 415-829-9550 or come to 2798 San Bruno Ave. San Francisco, CA 94134 Today, Friday,11/10/2017 between 12noon to 12:30pm or call 415-467-1929 between 1pm to 3pm. Thank you.
Residents from 11 Districts
Mayor Ed Lee Staff
District Attorney
S.F. Ethics Commission
S.F. Planning Dept.
S.F. Planning Commissioners
All S.F. Board of Supervisors
Immigrants’ Right Commission
S.F.D.P.H. Health Permit
S.F. D.P.H. Director
S.F. Health Commission
S.F. Medical Emergency 
S.F. Police Chief
Rodney Talmadge, Good Neighbors Coalition