11/24/2017 No More New Cannabis Stores: Press Released and Open letter新聞稿和公開信,堅決反對開辦更多大麻店

Open Letter to City and County Government Officials
Open Letter and Press Released

Friday, November 24th, 2017

Happy Thanksgiving Holidays! Thank God for the medical staff who prepared these reports on cannabis, how it negatively impacted and damaged children, youth and healthy people, causing health care system problems. The evidenced based reports don’t lie about the negative impacts on cannabis! We do have good people with good moral to come and say the facts with evidenced bases reports, to protect our children, youth, families and healthy people who chose to say no cannabis. We do have good media staff to stand up for the facts and the truth about cannabis!

We, the residents in San Francisco spent some much time, money and effort to ban sugary drinks in public schools and poor neighborhoods to prevent obesity, diabetes and many other health care issues. We believe prevention is better than intervention.

We, the residents in San Francisco took a lot of effort to ban cigarette smoking from restaurants and public areas to save people’s health from second hand smoking and to save health care costs.

Yet, in 2017, we the non-sense law makers allowed a regulated medicine, illegal drug, cannabis to become recreational adult use to “drug” health children, youth and anyone can be a victim! Creating bad health habits. Shame! Sad! We have many healthy cities in CA said NO TO RECREATIONAL CANNABIS ALREADY! Why not San Francisco politicians? Why not Mayor Edwin Lee? Why not all the 11 Board of Supervisors? Why not? Money can NOT buy health! Money can Not reverse a damaged brain in children from cannabis smoking! Recycling a drug problem with more drug problems! Shame!
For media questions, please contact: info@sfcec.org or Teresaduque@sfcec.org or 415-829-9550 or come to 2798 San Bruno Ave. San Francisco, CA 94134 call 415-467-1929 between 11am to 12pm on Monday, 11/27/2017. Come Rally with us 11/28/2017 at noon. Thank you.
Where Can We Find Justice to Protect all Children?

Dear Neighbors, Friends, Parents and Workers,

San Francisco is our City. Our neighborhood, Our Voice! You are invited to come and support our RALLY in front of Mayor Edwin Lee and all of the Board of Supervisor’s work place. We, the local residents have the right to live a happy, healthy and safe living environment. But this cannabis business has been negatively impacted our local residents’ quality life. The sad part is that illegal (@1) activities supported by some of the non-sense local government representatives. Money can Not buy health. Money can Not reverse anyone’s damage life from cannabis. We have enough cannabis stores in S.F. No desire, no necessity, no need for new cannabis stores. Not included 0 to 5 years old children in this new cannabis regulations and policies is NOT acceptable. All children and minors are equally protected by CA and Federal laws. We believe recycle a cannabis problems with more problems is not a good government behavior. Our City! Our Voice! We believe enough is ENOUGH! No means NO! Stay away from our children! Stay away from our local residents! We have the right to keep our quality life!

Date: Tuesday, November 28, 2017
Time: 12noon to 1pm (Come and spend your lunch hour for a good cause)
Location: In Front of San Francisco City Hall / Polk Entrance
Note: After the Rally, we will go up to room 250 for recreational cannabis public hearing.

Many of us voted for Prop 215 and Prop 64. But we also have many immigrants can Not vote. Our children and minors can Not vote either. With less than 50% voters did not represent all of the residents. Prop 215 or Prop 64 does not force minors to watch nor take away local residents’ quality life. Prop 215 and Prop 64 are for better regulations! Those who needed can have safe access. Also for those who refused to smoke or use cannabis can continue to have their quality life. We have many cities in California already said no to recreational cannabis. Our current medical cannabis stores will be converted into recreational cannabis stores, we have more than 45 of these stores. Compare to some other cities, S.F. already has too many cannabis stores. WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER. No means NO! Enough is ENOUGH

This RALLY is sponsored by many local residents from 11 districts throughout San Francisco. This message is also supported by local children, youth, families, merchants and residents impacted within 300 feet, 600 feet and 1000 feet near cannabis stores. We are victims of illegal activities near 2442 Bayshore Blvd., 5 Leland Ave. 3015 San Bruno Ave, 2505 Noriega St., 2161 Irving St. and other current cannabis stores. No means NO! Enough is ENOUGH

@1. Note: Cannabis is an illegal drug defined by the federal drug administration, no grow, no sell and no smoking. Cannabis business: No loan, no bank account, no insurance will cover. No insurance covers any property owner’s damage. Cannabis business operators can be arrested for illegal activities anytime. Landlords who allowed cannabis operators to sell, smoke or grow in their properties are liable for any damages related to illegal activities. Federal agents can come any time to arrest illegal cannabis activities. Per CNN news, October 2017, CA North Bay fire destroyed 34 cannabis farms, fundraising website was shut down, illegal to do fundraising to help fire victims who grew cannabis. 10/28/2017 Channel 5 evening news, reported more than 2000 cannabis farms in CA being trashed by the federal agents. Illegal activities will continue to cause burden in our public resources and burden to our health care systems. WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER. Enough is ENOUGH! No means NO!