01/26/2017 City Hall Room 400 表示堅決反對在市內開辦更多大麻店

01/26/2017 City Hall Room 400

At the request of many of our neighbors, property owners, merchants and business owners, our community center join force with many merchants, business owners, residents, property owners, students, youth, parents and anyone who opposed 2442 Bayshore Blvd’s application for MCD, protect our safety and health, protect our children and youth, NO M.C.D. in our neighborhood!

Planning Commissioner Public hearing, item # 63. See you all at room 400 city hall!
NO M.C.D. in our neighborhood! Our community, our voice!

To volunteer for the event, contact 415-467-1929! Donation welcome if you can’t come in person. Together stronger! Our community, we stand together! Protect our future, protect our children, youth and families, no illegal drug in our community! We need to keep our community safe! No M.C.D.at 2442 Bayshore Blvd. Come join us at city hall room 400, voice your concerns! Support or reject, it is your choice! Our life, our choice! For more information, contact 415-467-1929.