10/22/11 Student sharing學生分享

October 22nd, 2011                                      By G.J. Ho, Student and Volunteer

My name is G.J. Ho and I am an ESL student at the San Francisco community Empowerment Center. The center’s grand opening was on May 14 this year. This center has many classes such as English conversation classes, English pronunciation classes, citizenship classes, computer classes and other community services. I started as ESL student and I encountered many volunteers. Many of the volunteers work full time from many agencies throughout the Bay Area. The volunteers included teachers teach in different classes and programs. They use their spare time after work to volunteer at the center. Many of these volunteer teachers dedicated their off work time and sacrifice their own time to rest. They use their knowledge to prepare teaching materials in both English and Chinese that made us, immigrants easy to understand. Our ESL and citizenship classes have their own CD and books. It is easy to learn from beginner’s level to the advance level. Many students love the learning style and materials.

I was deeply touched by many of these volunteers. I was determined to
learn from these volunteers. So I joined the volunteer team myself. I now come
to the center to volunteer after work to distribute flyers for the center. I
hope there are more people understand the San Francisco Community Empowerment Center and come and utilize these classes and programs. The center has many ongoing community events. I praise the work
that many volunteers provide for our community. I value this fundraising opportunity to serve our community. I wish the San Francisco Community center a bright future.

我的名字叫GJ Ho,是三藩市社區資源中心英文班的學生。該中心於今年5月14日成立.先後開辦中英文會話班,英文發音班,公民入籍班,初級電腦班等。在中心學習英文的同時認識了一大批義工。這些義工,包括授課的老師都在不同部門工作,他們利用下班後的業餘時間到中心來,義務上課教英文,他們犧牲自己的休息時間,運用自己的知識,編寫教材,通俗易懂,由淺入深,並錄製CD,深受同學們的喜愛。這些義工不辭勞苦的工作深深感動了我,我決心向她們學習,並成為了該中心的一名義工,我自己利用下班後的時間,為中心派發宣傳單,使更多人們​​了解三藩市社區資源中心,現在中心不斷舉辦多種形式的興趣班和各種大型活動,學員人數不斷增加。深受社區和市民的稱讚。本人值三藩市社區資源中心籌款之際。祝中心會務興隆,蒸蒸日上。

G.J. Ho 義工 和 學生  2011年10月22日