10/22/2011 Message from Fundraising Committee Chair 籌款委員會主席

October 22nd, 2001


Hello friends,


On behalf of the Fundraising Committee, I would like to thank all the sponsors, donors and participants for supporting our First Annual Fundraising event.  All the proceeds will go to the SFCEC operating funds. We hope this fund will help build a healthier and stronger community.


The fundraising committee deserved a big applause for making this fundraising dinner event happen tonight. During the past many months, the team has been meeting during weekends and nights to volunteer their personal time and effort to prepare for tonight’s event.


We have a diversified team. The team members consist of students, young professionals, politicians, social workers, restaurant owners, realtors, business owners and so on. All of us work well together as a team.  We exchanged ideas and made them into action plans.  We hope to see a  good turnout for tonight’s fundraising dinner.  To all the fellow volunteers of SFCEC, what a great job you have done! It is a great pleasure to work alongside with each one of you. I look forward to a successful year serving our students, clients and community.


Sincerely yours;

Chris Siow, Fundraising Committee Chair


本人謹代表三藩市社區資源中心籌款委員會, 我感謝所有的贊助商和捐助者支持我們的籌款活動。所有收益將去本中心營運資金,以幫助建立一個更健康,更加強壯 的社區。


給籌款委員會隊當之無愧的的掌聲。該團隊在週末及夜晚用自己個人寶貴的時間和精力準備今晚的晚宴. 我們有一個非常多元化的委員團隊。該小組成員包括學生,年輕的專業人士,政治家,社工, 餐館老闆,房地產經紀人,企業家, 等等.  我們互相學習, 交換想法, 並製作成今晚我們期待的籌款晚宴. 我希望今晚能籌到足夠資金為本中心用來作日常經營開支.


每個籌款委員會隊員, 我今次能與你共同服務社區, 是我人生一大樂事.  能一起工作,彼此展望未來的 一年更成功,更好的提高社區資源中心的服務。


你真誠 的 Chris Siow