10/22/2011 Message from Program Director

San Francisco Community Empowerment and Support Group, Inc, has been serving clients in our community since 2005. A group of dedicated volunteers came together in 2005, using other community centers to run different functions to serve our society. Our main services was through our  24/7 free hotline. We did not have our own physical location until April 2011. Many thanks to our new leader Teresa Duque that she made the impossible become possible. Our first office opens at 2798 San Bruno Ave, in San Francisco, CA 94134 in May 14th, 2011. We are now serving our community as San Francisco Community Empowerment Center because we now have our own center. It is the same non-profit agency we started in 2005. You can visit our website at www.sfcec.org for more detail.


On behalf of the former Board members, clients, associates and current volunteers, I want to take this time to thank each one of you for taking your precious time to join our San Francisco Community Empowerment Center (SFCEC) First Annual Fundraising event. It is such an honor to be here today with all of you. Many of you are volunteers from our center. Some of you are awesome friends, beautiful co-workers, wonderful ex-coworkers, supportive neighbors, dedicated students and so on. It is Saturday night. You chose to join our fundraising event tonight because you care about our services to our community. Give yourself a big hand.


I also want to take this time to acknowledge and thank our Executive Director, Teresa Duque, for her heart-ful and hard work. She works day and night, volunteers her time and donates her recreational money to lead SFCEC. I understand without Teresa’s leadership, there is no physical place for SFCEC and its associates/members. Thank you Teresa and may God bless you, give her a big hand.


As of October 2011, we have more than 100 registered volunteers to stand by our community. So far, we have none, not even one paid employee. We don’t have any government funding nor any foundation funds. Our support is from our dedicated members, volunteers and friends. We hope today’s fundraising will raise enough funding to enable SFCEC to hire at least one staff to run our office to coordinate volunteers more efficient for our community. We also need financial support to pay for our basic needs such as rent and utilities. Any financial support from you is greatly appreciated. If you want to join our volunteer team, today is the day. We need people to run office from 8am to 6pm. We need people to chair and co-lead pending projects. If you can donate some time, come and complete a volunteer form. As volunteers, we learn, we share and we care. We always work as a team.


Most importantly, on behalf of our SFCEC volunteer team, I am thankful for many of you, volunteers and clients trust our services and come in for services such as ESL classes, Citizenship classed, dance classes, social services, information referrals, computer classes, health seminars, and on-going community events to cherish our community. (See our welcome and program flyer). Enjoy your night here today, sing your heart out and laugh out loud! The more raffle tickets you buy, the more chances you win. Good luck to each one of you and May God bless you all.

Sincerely;  Elen Lee Zhou, M.S.W., Senior Program Director

October 22nd, 2011