Message from Teresa Duque, E.D. 10/22/2011

October 22nd,  2011

On behalf of San Francisco Community Empowerment Center, I am grateful to each one of you for taking your precious time to come and join us for our First Annual Fundraising Dinner.

San Francisco Community Empowerment Center has been providing community services to our community at 2798 San Bruno Avenue, San Francisco since May 2011 ( Throughout the last five months, we have offered many
free and low fee services to our community including daily drop in information
and referral services, 24/7 hotline, family support club, citizenship classes,
ESL classes, computer classes, online job searching and techniques training,
young professional life support and training, quit smoking workshop, weight
loss seminars, dance lessons, origami classes, photography classes, quit gambling event, on the air parenting, stress free BBQ event and our latest community health awareness event in August. Your support made our services possible for our community center. We are a proud team because of you. Thank you.

Our community services depend on many of our dedicated friends and volunteers. So far, we have no government grants nor any funds from any foundations. Yet, we have been doing wonderful.Our financial support is mainly coming from membership, private donors and low service fees. We need your support to develop additional projects and empower our community to form a better, healthier and happier society.

Together, I hope we will raiseenough finance to pay for our targeted goals. We want to raise enough money to pay for our basic needs for our center such as rent and utilities. We also want to raise enough to hire a part time or full time staff to help coordinating our volunteers to provide better and more efficient services to our community.

Sincerely;                                                                                                                           Teresa Duque, Executive Director.