07/04/2012 BBQ Event 精彩人生B.B.Q

Good News!
It’s Time to Enjoy Your Life!  Come and Join our B.B.Q Event with us!
吃得精彩玩得開心, 活出健康人生
Dear neighbors, volunteers, members and friends,
To thank you all for your effort, time and dedication to support our community center, you are invited to come to our BBQ event to celebrate our July 4th, Independence Day. You will be having a lot of fun, reduce your stress if any and meet new friends. Besides food, we will have music and karaoke. Come and sing your heart out!  (http://www.sfcec.org/)
Date:                             Independence Day (Wednesday, July 4th 2012)
Time:                            From 11:00am to 3:00pm 
Registration Fee:          Free for members, $5 for non members.
                                      Please reserve your space ASAP (we need head counts to prepare food)
各位 鄰居, 義工, 會員 和 朋友,
歡迎您來參加我們三藩市社區資源中心為你提供的精彩人生B.B.Q. 減壓節目. 吃得精彩, 玩得開心, 活出健康人生
日期:                            國慶日星期三 (74)
時間:                            早上 11    至下午3