Prevention Night with the Police for a Safer Community 03/29/2012社區警民罪案預防會議

Hello neighbors,

You are invited to come and join us to meet with the police from the Bayview Station to form a better and safer community.  Your input is important to our safety in our community.  Do you know how to better report crimes? Do you know how to protect your own safety or even your own life? How can you protect yourself from danger situations? How can you better prevent theft or crime?  Together, we will learn how to protect ourselves and feel safer.


歡迎您來參加三藩市社區資源中心專程為您設計的社區警民罪案預防會議.  您的出席和建議將會令我們的社會更安全. 您是否懂得更好舉報罪案嗎? 您是否懂得保護自己安全嗎?如何面對罪案發一呢?如何做才能更好保護您自己個人安全,甚至自己生命呢? 您將會更了解如何面對罪案、防范小偷、打劫,及一般人身安全防范知識. 歡迎全家參加.  警局會有專人為您解答問题。1)安全  (2)怎様备案.

Date            March 29th, 2012 (Thursday night from 6pm to 8:30pm)

日期:        2012年3月29日  星期四  晚6:00點 至 8點  30分

Location地址 :   2798 San Bruno Ave./Wayland, S.F. CA 94134

Agenda  會議程序:

6:00pm to 6:30pm — Check in / snack, water, tea, drink. (茶水, 小點)

6:31pm to 6:35pm — Welcome neighbors. (歡迎各位街坊)

6:36pm to 7:00pm — Community safety issues/limited English speaking community. 英語有限 的社區安全問題, 如何更好的報案,警民如何合作。

7:01pm to 7:30pm — Guest speakers. (警察和嘉賓)

7:31 to 8:00pm —      Response from the police dept. (警方回應)

8:01pm to 8:30pm — What can we do as a community? (作為社區,我們能做些什麼)