ESL Education雙語中英文課程

The goals for our English as a second language (ESL) classes:

  1. To empower students that they can be self determine at any life stages regarding less of their age, economy, gender, sex or family background.
  2. To teach students that they can take control of their own life choices and employment opportunities by improving their language skills.
  3. To help immigrants to learn a new language so that they can be on their own to understand more for a new culture, new custom, and a new society.
  4. To help non English speaking immigrants to prepare a better paying job. Research indicated that people who are high school graduate or college graduate are more marketable for employment opportunity.
  5. To provide answers for those who come to study in these class sessions.
  6. Through class interaction, offer individual and group tutorial services at own speed.
  7. To provide support for those who are new and need translation for their needs within selves, home, school, work, community and general public information.