Free Family 24/7 hotline 免費家庭熱線

  Children, Youth, Parents and Families  兒童,青少年,父母和家庭
1. To increase family structure and form better family communication.
2. To reduce child protective services (CPS) involvement or cases.
3. To maintain children with parents at their own home.
4. To help parents identify support resources to support parent process.
5. To prevent delinquent behaviors and form a productive community.
6. To empower parents knowing their rights, limits and responsibilities.
7. To provide support for new parents, immigrant parents, none English speaking parents and parents who need extra support.
Family Support Club  — Where life begins here at home.
Effective Parenting Education — >> CPS and Delinquency Prevention
非一般家长教育课程  —– >>> 預防勝過治療
免費網上父母子女教育課程, please go to,  click 時事解碼 tap,
then you will see 痴媽跟訪問 starting 05/25/2011.
Questions or ? Please call 415-829-9550 or 415-467-1929 for Teresa 杜麗莎.
To order the above parenting book, please contact   415-829-9550
要訂購上述 父母子女教育課程書,請聯繫 415-829-9550