Resume 個人簡歷

  • 1. Objective: What do you want to do? What can you do?
  • 2. Experience: only related to the job your apply. ** if not, okay. Example, new to the USA.
  • 3. Education: high school, college, training school, special school.
  • 4. Skills, sewing, typing, fixing stuff, computer, internet, people person, outspoken,
  • 5. Language: if it is important

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Why need a resume?

  • What is in your resume?
  • Objectives? Education? Experience? References?
  • Does the information related to job applying?
  • Does it important to include all information?
  • Others?

Why experience?

  • Already done the job, less time to train.
  • Training is expensive.
  • Sharing knowledge
  • Every job is different.
  • At times, over qualify is a problem?
  • Under qualify is a problem?
  • Others?

Why list some skills?

  • The ability to handle programs or situation.
  • What is a skill?
  • What kind of skill?
  • Language skills?
  • What to include?
  • Is it important to your job?
  • Why do you want employer to know?

Why references?

  • Not related to you.
  • No friends or relatives?
  • Only employers?
  • Only management?
  • Only supervisor?
  • Only coworker?
  • How can you prepare?