Young Professional Training 年青人專業培訓

Young Professional Life Skill Building and Career Development Training

年青人專業發展, 人生和職業培訓服務

 有穩定的工作收入, 才能活出精彩健康人生

The goals for this training will focus on: 

1. Empowering young college professionals to prepare for career changes.

2. Encouraging young adults to make their own choices when it comes to work.

3. Enhancing personal decision making when it comes to life choices.

4. Helping young professionals evaluate their employment opportunities.

5. Improving job interviewing skills for new college graduates.

6. Offering support to young professionals and help them identify their life potential.

7. Improving self care to get a foot in today’s competitive job market.

Date:      According to individual or group needs (RSVP )

Time:     According to individual or group schedule and time.

Registration fee:   $9.99 per person/session, discounts for groups

Location:        2798 San Bruno Ave. S.F. CA 94134 (SFCEC)

Note: This program ended on 01/30/2012

Questions?  Want to be a volunteer for our center?  As volunteers, we learn, we share and we care. We grow together! Please contact  Teresa at 415-467-1929.     *** 如果你想做義工, 歡迎您聯絡 杜麗莎 415-467-1929 or 415-829-9550.