Computer/Website Skills電腦和互聯網班

We are in the 21 century. Knowing the hi tech world is a part of our life. We have to communicate through e-mail, internet, web surfing, information
searching, online chatting, instant message responding, and web base, etc, all required a life skill  — > computer skills.   要趕上高科技世界? 歡迎你和朋友或街坊 一起來參加我們三藩市社區資源中心為您提供的初級電腦和互聯網班.

Our I-pad, I-touch, I-phone, laptop, wireless world are almost essential to be part of our daily living tools. We need to keep ourselves alive in this fast pace “I” world.

Having a computer and knowing how to use a computer is almost a required vehicle to communicate back and forth to keep in touch with people we know.

We welcome you to join our basic computer and web searching skill classes.

Questions: Please email or  contact Teresa at 415-467-1929.