Senior Support Services 老人康樂支援服務

1. To support seniors for a quality retire life.

2. To reduce adult protective services (APS) involvement or cases.

3. To maintain elderly and seniors with families at their own homes.

4. To help seniors identify support resources for healthier living management.

5. To prevent mental illness such as dementia/cognitive/physical deterioration.

6. To empower seniors and elderly knowing their rights, limits and responsibilities.

7. To provide a safe place for seniors and none English speaking population.


Senior Support Services 老人康樂支援服務

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Our goal is to build up a sense of community belonging with each other. We want to see an increase of community participation within our society. We educate people where and how to get help for themselves and people around them. We believe healthy people create healthy communities.  三藩市社區資源中心(SFCEC)是一個非牟利的社區組織。我們建立目的是希望增進社區每一分子的歸屬感,更希望看見每一分子增加社區的參予和關心.。 我們深信健康的人生會帶出健康的社區。你可以參閱我們的網站 或 致電給我們 415-467-1929 或 電郵 或 親臨我們的中心,地址 2798 San Bruno Ave. San Francisco, CA 94134