We provide health education such as weight loss,smoking cessation, quit gambling, dance/karaoke lessons and how to live a healthier/happier life. We believe healthy people create healthy communities. See class/seminar dates for these health education topics.

Questions or comments? Please call 415-829-9550 or 415-467-1929.

我們提供健康教育課題,如減肥,戒菸,戒賭,舞蹈/卡拉OK , 如何生活更健康/幸福生活。我們相信健康的群體才可以創造出健康的社區.請參考健康教育課題.

免費網上父母子女教育課程, please go to,  click 時事解碼 tap,
then you will see 痴媽跟訪問 starting 05/25/2011.

Questions or ? Please call 415-829-9550 or 415-467-1929. *** 如果你想做義工, 歡迎您聯絡 Teresa 415-467-1929