Family Violence Resources家庭暴力中文資源

Everyone deserves to live a violent free life. Seek help if you are not.每個人都擁有自由生活, 如果你不是, 請你尋求幫助

安全計劃, 中文

中文 ,家暴  or

Emergency Police and Fire 911    Non-emergency Police (SFPD) 553-0123

Crisis Lines: 24 hour / 7 days a week *domestic
violence hotlines

*Asian Women’s Shelter

Friendship Line for the Elderly

*La Casa de Las Madres (adults
and teens) 1-877-503-1850

*National Domestic Violence
Hotline 1-800-799-7233

National Sexual Assault Hotline

*Riley Center 255-0165

San Francisco Women Against Rape

SF Suicide Prevention

SFGH Psychiatric Emergency

TALKLine Family Support Center

(phone support for parents and

*WOMAN, Inc. (Spanish/English) 1-877-384-3578/864-4722

Youth Crisis Line 1-800-843-5200

Counseling: General

Community Mental Health
Referrals/Access 255-3737

Counseling: Victims of Domestic Violence

Cameron House, 920 Sacramento 781-0401

Community United Against Violence (CUAV) 333-HELP

(Services for Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender Community)

Drop-in clinic and phone line open on Fridays from 11am-5pm

427 South Van Ness Avenue (Between 15th and 16th Streets)

Glide Women’s Center 674-6023 Jewish Family & Children’s
Services 449-1200 La Casa de Las Madres, 503-0500

1663 Mission #225 (drop-in center)

Riley Center, 3543 18th Street, 3rd floor 552-2943

Safestart Support Line 441-KIDS (victims/families with children
ages 0-6)

SFGH Trauma Recovery/Rape Treatment Center 437-3000

Shalom Bayit (call for location) 1-866-SHALOM-7

WOMAN, Inc., 333 Valencia #450 (drop-in center) 864-4722

Victims of Sexual Assault

SFGH Rape Treatment Center: Go
directly to the

SFGH Emergency
Dept. if sexually assaulted in last 1-7 days.

San Francisco Women Against Rape

Children, Youth and Family

Asian Perinatal Advocates –
Family Support Services 616-9797

Cameron House 781-0401

Catholic Charities 564-7882

Child Trauma Research Program
(Intake Line) 206-5311

(child trauma age 0-5 years,
English, Spanish, and Portuguese)

Family Service Agency 474-7310

Instituto Familiar de La Raza

La Casa de Las Madres

Larkin Street Youth Services

LINC (UCSF/SFGH) (child witness
of DV age 0-18 yrs) 206-4444

Parents Place 359-2454

TALKLine Family Support Center 441-KIDS


Legal Resources

Asian Pacific Islander Legal
Outreach 567-6255

Bay Area Legal Aid (BayLegal) 982-1300/1-800-551-5554

Cooperative Restraining Order Clinic 255-0165

Immigrant Assistance Line – Spanish/English 808-4444

Immigrant Assistance Line –Chinese/English 543-6769

Immigration Center for Women and Children 861-1449

Legal Assistance to the Elderly 538-3333

Legal Services for Children, Inc. 863-3762

SF Bar Association (mediation services) 982-1600

SF Bar Association (referral line) 989-1616

Need more information, please go to  or

請致電舊金山婦女反對強暴24 小時熱線(SF Women Against Rape’s): (415) 647-7273

放在緊急隨身包的東西藥物 /處方,現金,電話卡 /零用錢,,手機和充電器,多配的鑰匙 帶有照片的身份證/駕駛執照,銀行卡/信用卡,制令監護令 護照/綠卡/移民文件如果您有任何被虐待的證據,請隨時帶在身上。培養我的獨立性: 我會開始存錢且存在一個安全的地方 (比如我自己的銀行帳戶)。


我可以試著和我信任的朋友或家人保持聯繫 .

Resourece from:

For the SFCEC, please contact 415-467-1929 or email:  如果你想做義工, 歡迎您聯絡  415-467-1929   or  415-829-9550  Address: 2798 San Bruno Ave. SF CA 94134