Foster Parent 成為寄養父母

Become a Foster Parent 成為寄養父母 : 

CCSF Foster hotline 別人子女寄養在自己家中 或者 寄養父母   :  415-558-2200 or  1-888-732-4453   

Foster parents provide care for court-dependent children in their homes. Foster parents are licensed by Family and Children’s Services to take court-dependent children into their homes. Resource from:

Aspira Foster Family Services寄養父母服務 :  1-877-380-4376 Or

Or Families for children 寄養父母服務  : Tel. 510-567-1850

Or Family Builders  寄養父母服務  : Tel. 510-272-0204

For any other problems or issues , 其它幫助 go to

go to searc for update information.

Questions? 對於任何其他的問題   Please call 415-829-9550 or Teresa 杜麗莎 at 415-467-1929     Address: 2798 San Bruno Ave. (Wayland), S.F. CA 94134